Solida Logistik AG

Merchandising / Rackjobbing

Solida has a network of more than 250 merchandisers throughout Switzerland and maintains more than 900 sales outlets. Many sales decisions are first made at the POS. Goods availability and an optimal presentation are success factors that influence the purchase decision. With our regular and reliable support, we offer ideal solutions:

  • Demand-oriented orders until the next service deadline
  • Assortment maintenance and clearing of delivered goods
  • Layout adjustments
  • Pricing or labelling of articles
  • Development of secondary placements
  • Return processing and shipping
  • Stocktaking
  • Investigation or inspection visits of all kinds
  • Application of POS advertising material
  • etc

We can offer these services on a permanent basis, or we can carry out one-off assignments for you.

Your benefits

Cooperation with us also means concrete advantages for you:

  • Discharge of your sales force on the main tasks
  • Possibility of managing and controlling the implementation of your branded concept in the sales outlets of the trade
  • Rapid management throughout Switzerland all the way from projects to the POS thanks to our more than 250 employees
  • Solida Logistik AG's long-term retail experience in retail, warehouse, and do-it-yourself channels
  • Advice on the POS implementation of trading activities
  • IT-supported resource planning with unique and transparent reporting
  • High service and quality thinking by our employees
  • Training opportunities
  • Quality assurance and inspection visits

As an independent merchandising company, it is important to us to act neutrally with our clients and our beneficiaries. Therefore, we do not offer active sales of our own products.