Solida Logistik AG

Our employees


More than 250 merchandisers are active all over Switzerland every day. These are divided into teams. This ensures that information is quickly passed on and implemented.


  Team Wallis   Team Tessin
Team Berner Oberland   Team Zentralschweiz   Team Bern / Solothurn
Team Basel   Team St. Gallen   Team Zürich
Team Genf   Team Calanda   Team Thurgau
Team Fribourg   Team Waadtland   Team Limmattal / Aargau
Team Zürich-Oberland   Team Neuchâtel / Jura   Team Schaffhausen / Zürich-Nord
Team Biel        


Team leaders

Team leaders support our merchandisers with daily questions and are the link to our administration department in Tägerwilen.

In addition to the leadership function, each team leader supervises her own sales outlets. Thus, she knows the front requirements of the respective retail customer and also the needs of her employees.

Regular internal and external training by our clients ensure that the implementation is carried out quickly and uniformly.

Administration department

The employees in the administration department are your own Contact Person. They plan all assignments and ensure a service-oriented implementation for our employees in the sales outlets.